Hire A Chauffeur In Sydney ([year] Guide)

Hiring a chauffeur can be challenging if you haven’t hired one before and you may not be sure if you should hire a chauffeur or not. 

In this article, we will go through everything you need to know to hire a chauffeur in Sydney. 

Who are chauffeurs?

Chauffeur term was originated from a French term. Chauffeur in French used to be known as a stroker of a steam-powered train or ships that used to stroke the engine. 

However, the modern term for chauffeurs is a person who can provide excellent customer service to drive customers to their destinations.

What is the difference between a chauffeur and a driver?

You may have thought to hire a car with a driver but you may not be sure if you should look for a private chauffeur or a personal driver. 

People use the term chauffeur if they require professional service. For example, chauffeurs are commonly used for corporate transfers in Sydney. Chauffeurs are also used for special occasions like weddings, formals, hens and bucks parties, and funerals. 

A private driver is usually a more casual driver who can provide a professional service however they may not be dressed for the occasion. They may not be wearing suits to greet you or shiny black shoes, however, they can still take you to your destination in a well-maintained car.

They may still have the experience and the professionalism of a chauffeur. Private drivers are for people who may be looking for tours, they want to explore a city, they may be looking for a less expensive option and they may not need a limo to take them to their destinations.

What makes a good chauffeur in Sydney?


Chauffeurs should have an appropriate license to drive in Sydney. Before you hire a chauffeur, you should ask them for a full driver’s licence and also ask them if they have a passenger transport licence code (PTLC). PTLC is basically a way to confirm that the chauffeur you are about to hire is allowed to provide a personal driver service in Sydney.


Chauffeurs who drive a limo or luxurious cars are hired for special occasions or hire by corporate customers. A chauffeur should be punctual, know their city, polite, well-spoken, and also professionally dressed.

You don’t want to see a chauffeur in casual attire for a special occasion or a corporate trip. A chauffeur should always be punctual and they should always reach earlier at their pick-up location than their customers to greet them.


A chauffeur should have many years of experience driving cars. They should also know the city well so they take their clients to their destination using the shortest routes with traffic and reach their destination on time.


A chauffeur should be clean and well-groomed. They should wear professional attire and they should take care of their personal hygiene.

A chauffeur should always wear smell good no matter how hot the weather is. Needless to say, they should have clean teeth, clean fingernails, and neat hair.

Calm personality:

A chauffeur can face a few challenges while driving their customers to their destination. They may face challenges dealing with Sydney traffic, blocked roads, or accident on the street which may cause delays in reaching the destination. 

A chauffeur should always stay calm and should be able to handle any situation while keeping their customers happy. 

Customer service:

A chauffeur is a human being who may be affected by a personal problem. No matter what the situation is, they need to be able to provide exceptional customer service with a smile. They need to have great people skills, be polite and pleasant to deal with. 

A chauffeur should also be thoughtful and they should always have a customer-first attitude. If it’s raining, they should have an umbrella ready when they greet a customer. If it’s hot weather, they need to make sure the car is cool for the customer when they get in their car. 

Should you hire a chauffeur service in Sydney?

Yes, you should use a chauffeur in Sydney for a special occasion or if you are a corporate customer. 

Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. Sydney suburbs are quite spread out, It is normal to drive for an hour from Sydney city to suburbs in Western Sydney.

If you are travelling from Sydney Airport and you would like to go for a few customer meetings instead of spending time and money to park your car in the city, it will work out better to hire a chauffeur. 

A chauffeur with a car is also a great way to celebrate a special occasion like your wedding or formal. These are once in a lifetime experience and you want to make it a special one. You want to hire the best car for the occasion and a chauffeur who will make your day more special by providing you the best service. 

Chauffeurs are a great option for solo traveller as well. Whether you are a solo traveller or you are in a group, a chauffeur will be able to assist you reach your destination without any stress of handling traffic in Sydney. You can work in the car or just take a break in the car.

What are the duties of a chauffeur?

When someone books a chauffeur, the duty of a chauffeur is to provide their customers with the best customer service and provide a luxurious experience when they are in their car. 

This can be as small as providing boxes of soft tissue or providing a cold bottle of a drink in hot weather. 

What is the best car to be chauffeured in?

The best car depends on the occasion and the trip. If you are looking to transport a big group of people like wedding parties then a stretch limo is a good option.  There are some stretched limos that can take 15-20 people which is a perfect option for a big group without hiring a few cars.  This can be a cost-efficient way to travel as well and definitely more stylish than hiring a minivan or a minibus.

If it’s for a bride or groom and not many people will be travelling with you to your wedding, then you can consider a Rolls Royce chauffeur in Sydney or hire a chauffeur with a Bentley

If you are on a business trip and you do not need a big space, then you can hire a standard sedan limo. It will be a comfortable ride and if you are planning multiple meetings then it will be easier to find a parking spot for the vehicle.

Planning a bucks’ night out and you want a stylish vehicle than you should consider a stretch hummer. A stretch hummer can hold up to 14 passengers and it is super comfortable. 

If you are planning a hen’s night then maybe consider a pink hummer. You will stand out but hey why not right.

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How much can you expect to pay for a Chauffeured car in Sydney?

Chauffeured cars in Sydney prices can vary depending on the vehicle you hire. You can expect to pay from $80 per hour for a sedan limo to $300 per hour for a stretch limo.

Some drivers can give you a good deal if you hire a chauffeur in Sydney for a long hour or if you are a regular customer.

When you are asking for a quote, make sure to ask for the best price.

How to hire a chauffeur in Sydney?

So, where do you find a chauffeur with a car hire in Sydney?

You can Google “hire a chauffeur in Sydney“. You will be able to see a few websites. Make sure to check the company reviews before you hire a chauffeur in Sydney.

You can also search on Facebook for a chauffeur and look at their review. There are also websites like TripAdvisor, Viator, and Airtaskers where you can check reviews and hire a chauffeur in Sydney.


We hope this article has helped you if you should hire a chauffeur or not and what your options are if you decide to hire one. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below and we will respond back to you.

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