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If you want to travel in style then you should consider hiring a limousine. A limo is an excellent choice if you are looking for a comfortable ride and also a stylish one. 

In this article, we will go through all about things you need to know before you hire a limo in Sydney.

limo in sydney

What is a limousine?

A limousine is a luxury vehicle driven by a chauffeur. When referred to limousines ( as called limo ), it is referred to as luxury car brands like Chryslers, Hummers, Mercedes. When someone hires a limo, they expect the car to be a luxurious, clean, and well-serviced car. 

The limo comes with a chauffeur as you probably don’t want to be driving a limo yourself. Limo and chauffeur provide a great luxurious package. If you hire a limousine, that means you want the best service, not just a fancy luxurious car. 

You can expect a high standard of service from their private driver of the chauffeur. The chauffeur needs to be well dressed, clean, and should be able to provide good customer service with a smile. 

Why hire a limo?

Feel like a celebrity

If you want to travel like a celebrity then you need to hire a limousine. You will be comfortable even if it’s a long drive. 

You may want to hire a limousine for a business trip, a special occasion, or just want an airport transport. No matter what the occasion is, you will feel like a celebrity when you are in a limousine. 


If you need someone reliable and you do not want to be late to reach your destination then you should hire a limousine with a professional chauffeur. 

You don’t want to stress about being late or waste time waiting for a driver who may not arrive on time. 

Travel Safely

Chauffeurs who drive limos are professional well-trained drivers and in most cases, they have years of experience driving a car. 

You can rest assured that they know their city and the way to drive in the Sydney traffic. They will be able to drive you to the destination safely in any weather.  

Chauffeurs with local experience

Limo chauffeurs know their city well and usually, they have lived in a city for a while. They will able be able to help you to go around the city’s efficiency and in a timely fashion so you do not waste any time on the road that you don’t need to.

If you need anything or need to go anywhere, they will be able to help you with your requirements.   

Fixed Charges

Limo services charge a fixed rate and their rates are clear. There aren’t any hidden extras. If you hire a taxi, you may not know how much it will cost you. You may need to pay for the toll which will cost you extra. 

You may have also heard of incidents where taxi drivers have taken a longer route to charge passengers extra. 

To avoid any of these techniques, it’s best to know the fixed charges in advance. 


Whether you are going on a business trip or you are going home after a party, you want to be able to sit back and relax. 

Limos provide you a comfortable ride which is refreshing for any occasion. 


If you hire a limo that can accommodate 6 people, you will avoid having to hire two cars or book two taxis. Limos may not be as expensive as you may think. 

Wedding Limo

What occasions do you hire a limo?


Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience and you would want the best experience for your wedding. 

One of the reasons you may want to hire a limo for your wedding is that you may have dreamed of a wedding where you would want to feel like a movie star, dressed up and arriving at your wedding in a limo. 

However, limos not only provide luxury but if you have a bridal party then it also provides practical space and a fun way to carry more people than normal cars. 

Bucks and Hen’s nights

Limo hires are popular for Buck’s and Hen’s nights. Limos can carry a large group of people that means most of the people you want to be with on this special night will fit in one car and you can explore different places together.

Limos are a great option if you are planning to hit Sydney city at night in a group. You can go bar hopping, enjoy the clubs and you may also get your own fridge full of drinks in the limo for you to enjoy.

Business trips

Limos are a great option for business trips. After a long flight, you want to be greeted by a professional who is punctual, reliable, and has a comfortable ride.

You want to make sure you can relax in the car. You may have a few meetings to go to. The last thing you want is to stress about being late or wait for a taxi. 

If you are on a business trip, you want to show confidence and class. Like what you wear on a business trip, you want to make sure that what you ride shows your standard. 

If you are riding with a customer or someone you are about to do business with, a limousine is the way to go. You can discuss your business in comfort, maybe even sign some paperwork while having a drink or two in the limo. You can’t do these in public transportation or in a taxi.

Airport Limousine

If you are arriving in Sydney or departing Sydney than what better way than to hire a limo with a chauffeur. 

You will get to experience the luxurious service and your chauffeur that you can rely on to be on time. The last thing you need when you are arriving or departing Sydney Airport is a driver who is not on time, 

Depending on where you live in Sydney, traffic can be a nightmare. You would want to be in a comfortable ride as you may hit a traffic jam and you would rather be stuck in a comfortable luxurious car.

Party Limo 

Limos are a great option for a party. Whether it is a birthday party, school formal, graduation, anniversary, a day at the races, or concerts, a limo with a chauffeur will make it a special experience. 

You want an experience you want to remember for years to come and you want to share it with your friends and family. You may also feel more relaxed and enjoy the party knowing that a professional chauffeur will take care of you and your friends if you have one too many drinks. 

It is also a great way to say thank you to your grandparents, parents, or your friends and hire a limo for special occasions. 


Funerals are one of the times when you do not want to think about transportation. Limos or stretched limos are perfect for the occasion so they can transport a group of people from one place to another together.

You also want a driver who is professional and understands the family situation. They need to be respectful and dressed for occasions that you can expect from a chauffeur driving a limo.

Private tours

Limos are a great option for tours. You may be in a group or by yourself, limo is the best way to travel if you want a comfortable ride while exploring places.

You may want to travel from Sydney to Hunter Valley and taste some wines. You do not want to drink and drive and you may want to travel comfortably in a limo.  

You can customise your tours, you can stop where you want to and you can travel at your own pace.

If you hire a limo with a chauffeur will be able to cater for all your travel needs. 

Stretch Hummer

What types of limos can you hire in Sydney?

Hummer: Hummer stylish looks that are perfect for any special occasion. Hummers come in different colors including pink which are in demand to hire in Sydney.

Stretch Hummer:  A stretch hummer can carry up to 24 passengers and it looks really classy.

Regular limousine: It is a fancy sedan size car that will fit 3 people comfortably. 

Stretch limo: A stretch limo is longer than the regular limo. It is around 10 meters long and it can fit up to 24 passengers. 

Executive Sedan: A sedan size car however they are luxurious cars than the regular sedans.

Stretch Limo

How much does it cost to hire a limo in Sydney?

The average price of a sedan limo is $80 per hour, Stretch limo is $400 per hour and a Hummer is $500 per hour.

It will depend on the style of the limo you hire. It will also depend on how many hours you want the limo. Some companies may provide you discounts if you hire a limo for a few hours. 

Companies may also provide you discounts if you are a regular or corporate customer. So make sure to ask if there are also discounts available for you.


Limousines are a great option if you are looking to travel for business or looking to explore a city. Whatever the occasion is, a limo with a chauffeur will make your ride a comfortable one and an experience to remember for a long time.

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