Rooftop Bars Sydney


Sydney is a city that has everything. Tall skyscrapers, vivid blue coloured ocean, fantastic views, majestic harbour, great restaurants, and cozy bars.

Shortly saying, it is a city that has to be seen from above. No wonder why there are tons of very cool rooftop bars in Sydney that give you the best opportunity to enjoy the majestic skyline of the city.

Recently Sydney has become world-famous as a rooftop bars city. More and more people on the Instagram posting breathtaking city’s rooftop bars.

Due to this reason, we thought that we should make a list of the best rooftop bars in Sydney that everyone has to visit.

So if you are curious and looking for a great bar for your Instagram feed, just scroll down and find which ones suit you the best.


1. The Rooftop Sydney Bar

The Rooftop Sydney is a perfect place to watch breathtaking sunsets. The bar is located on the top of the Shelbourne Hotel in Sydney Central Business District.

It is a very relaxing rooftop bar that has great drinks, food, and lovely music. The rooftop bar’s interior is very stylish with lots of palm trees everywhere.

If you are looking for a nice meal, The Rooftop serves great share plates, salads, seafood, and premium meat dishes. As for the drinks, we highly recommend getting at least one bar crafted cocktail that is extremely popular among locals.

Please note: This bar is only open Wednesday to Friday from midday to late.



2. Smoke Bar, Barangaroo

Smoke Bar is one of the best rooftop bars the Barangaroo area could offer. The 150-seater bar has magnificent views of Sydney waterfront and harbour that attract visitors.

It is a very classy rooftop bar with a wide selection of appetizers and extraordinary drinks.

We highly recommend trying out Sake Martini, Old Fashioned cocktail made from 20 years old bourbon and a glass of Australian wine. As for the food, Smoke Bar is famous for its crab sambo and a wagyu slider.

Don’t forget to book a table in advance as the bar can get extremely crowded during warm evenings.



3. Hotel Sweeney’s Rooftop Bar

Hotel Sweeney’s bar looks like a normal Aussie pub, however, don’t be mistaken as this cozy pub has one of the best rooftop bars. Its rooftop bar is located on the 3rd floor and is described by locals as one of the hidden gems in Sydney.

Hotel Sweeney’s bar is in the heart of Sydney (just in front of Town Hall station) so its rooftop bar offers great views of the central city and beyond. The rooftop bar is extremely cozy and small offering a ping-pong table and live DJ music on weekends.

Also, prices are very budget friendly, so even if you are traveling on a budget, you will be able to afford this rooftop bar. Doesn’t it sound very appealing?

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4. Taylor’s Rooftop Bar

Taylor’s Rooftop Bar belongs to the Republic Hotel and is located on the 3rd floor. The bar can be easily missed as the hotel doesn’t advertise it very much.

However, more and more people are finding out about this amazing little bar at the top of the hotel’s roof. Due to this reason, the rooftop bar has become very popular among backpackers and is usually crowded.

The bar is quite affordable and has a great selection of Aussie beer from the drought and a wide selection of wines.

Also, if you are looking for some international options, the bar has quite a big selection of international beer such as Asahi and others.

It might not be the most iconic rooftop bar in the city but it is very welcoming and cozy. So if you want to experience local culture and socialize, it would be a perfect choice for you.



5. Sky Terrace at The Star

Sky Terrace at The Star is located in a premium area of the city offering exclusive views of Sydney harbour and skyline. This rooftop bar receives the most elite customers and is always full of people.

It is a bar that was made for elite parties. Sky Terrace usually has live DJs to go with amazing views and great cocktails.

The rooftop cocktail bar is very modern and spacious, you will be able to find some very comfortable lounge sofas, expensive chairs, and tables. As it is an elite rooftop bar, we highly advise you to dress nicely (maybe even wear the best clothes you have with you) as the bar has a dress code.

Honestly, you won’t be allowed if you aren’t dressed suitably for the Sky Terrace.

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6. Aurora Rooftop Hotel – Rooftop Beer Garden

Aurora Rooftop Hotel is very famous among the locals due to its long and rich history in Surrey Hills. Also, it is popular for its amazing Rooftop Beer Garden that is located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. The bar is much loved equally by locals and tourists.

This Rooftop Beer Garden is like a pub on the rooftop serving classic pub meals such as pizzas, burgers, and starters. Beyond, it has a wide selection of various beers (international and local).

The rooftop bar is a very cozy rooftop offering a simple interior with great views so we are sure that you won’t be disappointed and will have a great time.


7. The Glenmore Rooftop Bar

The Glenmore Rooftop Bar belongs to the Glenmore Hotel that was built in 1921 and is one of Sydney’s oldest hotels. It is also considered as the best rooftop bar Sydney the Rocks area has.

The rooftop bar is located on the 3rd floor and offers fascinating views of Sydney Opera House, city’s skyline and harbour.

It is a classical rooftop pub with refreshing drinks and pub meals. We recommend trying one of their house cocktails made in the jug for the long drinks and big company.

However, if you are alone and not a big drinker, you can always order a cocktail to be made in the glass just for you. Also, don’t forget to taste salt & pepper squid that is a very popular dish among the locals.

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8. Hacienda Bar Sydney

Although Hacienda Bar isn’t a typical “rooftop bar” as it’s located on the second floor but we think it’s worth checking it out hence we have included it in our article.

It has a lovely indoor restaurant and a magnificent bar that has one of the best views of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. As you might be able to guess from the name, Hacienda is a themed bar.

This bar has a Caribbean theme (mainly Cuba inspired) so you will find tons of exotic cocktails.

If you aren’t too much of drinker, order some tasty food. We recommend trying yucca fries, jerk chicken sliders and tender pork neckpieces with some delicious sauce. Hacienda usually is very busy, so make sure to book your table in advance or come before peak hours.

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9. The Bristol Arms Rooftop Bar

The Bristol Arms is a very typical traditional Aussie pub that has a 3rd-floor rooftop bar. It is located in the Sydney Central Business District and offers great views of central parts of the city.

The pub is very spacious and offers sports games broadcasts, classic homemade pub meals on the lower floors, and a wide selection of various drinks and burgers on the rooftop bar.

The rooftop bar interior is very simple and makes you feel relaxed. Most of the time the rooftop and pub is pretty quiet, so you won’t need to book a table and ‘fight’ for a good spot.

But if you wish to experience a crowded and noisy pub, visit the rooftop bar from Thursday-Saturday when the live DJ is playing.

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10. Websters Bar, Newtown

Websters Bar is located in Newtown, Sydney. It is suited on the 2nd floor above some restaurants. The rooftop bar has a rustic industrial design, a barbecue pit, and long wooden tables. You will feel like you went back into the 1950s.

The bar is the most famous for its long whiskey list that has more than 600 kinds of whiskey. It was even named as the 2nd best whiskey bar in Australia.

Websters Bar offers great views of Newtown’s roofs that are especially beautiful during the sunset.

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11. Primus Hotel Rooftop Bar

Primus Hotel Rooftop Bar is located on a rooftop of Primus Hotel that is a magnificent art-deco building built in the 1930s. It is a high-end hotel, so be prepared to see the high-class rooftop bar too.

The rooftop bar was inspired by New York City and serves the world’s best wines and champagnes.

It is famous for its Sydney rock oysters and cheese platters. The bar also has a pool, but it’s only available for the hotel’s guests.

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12. Cloud 9, Rydges Sydney Airport Rooftop Bar

Cloud 9 is the most popular rooftop bar Rydges Sydney Airport has. It is located in Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel. The rooftop bar offers great views of airport runways, Sydney city skyline, and Port Botany.

If you adore planes, it is a perfect place to watch taking off and landing planes. Cloud 9 is famous for its Australian cocktails, good wines, and champagnes. Also, there is a wide selection of savory and sweet snacks that you can enjoy with your drink.

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13. The Old Clare Hotel Rooftop Bar

The Old Clare Hotel is located near Sydney Central Park and is said to have the best rooftop bar Central Park Sydney area could offer.

This rooftop bar has an amazing rooftop pool and bar that overlook popular city areas. We recommend visiting the bar from 5 PM and onwards to have the best view and enjoy a relaxing evening.

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14. Sweethearts Rooftop Bar

Sweethearts Rooftop Bar is located on top of Potts Point Hotel (5th floor). The rooftop bar has a very modern urban chic feel with picnic wooden tables, string lights, and plants.

This type of décor makes the bar very welcoming and cozy. The rooftop bar serves casual food such as share plates, pizzas, and burgers.

Also, it has a great selection of cocktails, Pimm’s on tap and some wines. Sweethearts bar is a busy place, so we highly recommend come early or book a table in advance.

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15. Zeta Rooftop Bar

Zeta is located on the top of the Sydney Hilton Hotel. It is a very classy and stylish bar with an amazing terrace that offers a fascinating view of Sydney city.

The bar is well-known for its luxurious interior design with leather sofas, wooden tables, and classic bar stools. Also, Zeta offers a wide selection of creative cocktails, some wines, and other liquors.

Take into account that cocktails are quite pricy, so be prepared to splurge a little bit on your drinks. We can assure you that it’s worth. Lastly, the rooftop bar also hosts live music evenings that are worth checking out.

Make sure to dress up in a dress this thing one as this is a fancy bar.


16. The Rook Rooftop Bar

The Rook rooftop bar is usually described as the Sydney Central Business District’s hidden gem as mainly locals visit it. The rooftop bar has great views of busy Central Bussiness District streets and it is possible to see Sydney Opera House.

It has a big sitting area inside and the terrace outside, so you can visit the bar all year round without worrying about weather conditions. The Rook’s interior is very trendy, high-class and modern, and perfectly fits in a busy Sydney life.

The rooftop bar is famous for its innovative cocktails, lobster dish, house burgers and a wide selection of liquors. The bar is always busy, so we highly recommend booking a table in advance or showing up before the peak hours.

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17. Coogee Pavillion Rooftop Bar

Coogee Pavillion is a great rooftop bar located right off Coogee Beach, close to Bondi Beach. This rooftop bar is very loved by tourists as it has one of the best views of Australia’s coastline.

It was even selected as having the best coastal views from the rooftop bar in the country. The Coogee Pavillion has an ocean theme with vibrant colours. The bar serves great Mediterranean food that goes perfectly with exotic and fresh cocktails.

If you aren’t a fan of cocktails, the bar has a large selection of wines and beers. Coogee Pavillion is a very busy rooftop bar, especially during peak hours, so we advise you to book a table in advance.

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18. The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade rooftop bar is well-known for its fantastic views of the Sydney skyline. It is located on the 3rd floor (all floors belong to the Light Brigade) but is 83 meters above sea level that is perfect for a panoramic view of the city.

The bar offers tasty pizzas and burgers, as well as, basic drinks menu that includes cocktails, wines, beer, and soft drinks. It is open from noon till early night, so you can enjoy the Sydney skyline in daytime and night time.

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19. Royal Hotel Paddington Rooftop Bar

Royal Hotel Paddington is a famous building in Paddington as it has a great sports bar, pub and rooftop bar. The rooftop bar is named Elephant Bar & Rooftop and is a hidden gem of Paddington area.

The rooftop bar is very small and is decorated like an old English garden with wooden chairs, round tables, and lanterns. The bar is a cocktail bar so you will be able to find a wide selection of cocktails, some wines, and beers.

Also, every Saturday the bar hosts a happy hour from 6 PM to 8 PM. If you want to enjoy this rooftop bar to fullest, make sure you come early as it is very small and doesn’t take bookings

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Sydney is famous for its skyline and waterfront, so more and more rooftop bars are opening in the city. You will find all sorts of rooftop bars such as high-class, pub style, playing live music, cocktail bars and more.

Every rooftop bar offers breathtaking views of Sydney, delicious Aussie food and great drinks to go with it. No matter what kind of taste you have, we are sure that you will be able to find an awesome rooftop bar to suit you.

Treat this list as a starting list and don’t be afraid to explore and make your own the best rooftop bars in Sydney list.

If you want to explore a few rooftop bars in Sydney, you can consider hiring a chauffeur in Sydney.

Have you found the rooftop bar from this list that you want to visit while being in Sydney? Or maybe you had already visited several rooftop bars and could share your experience? Please, comment below to share your experience, feedback or ask questions.

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