Things to do in Seminyak ([year] Guide)

If you are looking for a list of things to do in Seminyak then you have found it. Please read below for everything you should do in Seminyak and some tips that will help you when you travel to Seminyak.

Ah Bali, this is many people’s location for a dream vacation and would be the place most people think about when they picture paradise. We can see why because Bali is beautiful!

There are so many things to see and do if you are looking at visiting Bali as a whole, but that is why we wanted to break things down a little more by city location instead of just looking at Bali. So, let’s investigate just Seminyak Bali.

On the tiny Indonesian island of Bali, which is wedged between Kuta on the south and Canggu to the north, this town is known to be a more hip and sophisticated area of Bali. The stylish and trendy scene offered visitors to Seminyak nothing short of magnificent.

Giving tons of adventurous and exciting things to do with groups of all sizes, whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or as a family.

With its fashionable and modern exterior lies enticing facets waiting to be discovered for those looking for some fun activities on their island holiday.

Seminyak is also a great location to stay as you can walk around and soak up the atmosphere or take an inexpensive taxi ride to any of the great activities we will mention in this article.

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Originally, this was a separate township, but now this is a suburb of Kuta. This area is very popular with resident emigrants, and land and accommodation prices are on the higher end of those throughout Bali.

There is a vast amount of luxury spas and hotels around Seminyak. Owing to its major density of high-end shopping, combined with the clustering of many fine eating establishments, it has rapidly become one of the most well-known tourist areas on the island.

What is there to do around here other than sit at the spa and do some retail therapy? Let us show you exactly what there is to do here!

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Seminyak Bali

1. Potato Head Beach Bar

Potato Head Beach Bar and Club is one of the more premium locations in Seminyak and is known for all the Instagram infinity pools on location and beachfront bean bag loungers, positioned on the edge of the crystal blue seas surrounding the islands. This is the perfect place to come and sit, relax and soak up some Bali sunshine.

Fair warning though, the cabanas here go quickly so if you want to come to spend the day here relaxing, the best plan would be to get here early to ensure that you have your spot reserved before everyone else because if you don’t get here early you might not have one of these fancy beachfront lounge locations for yourself.

Once you get here, everything you need is within walking or ordering distance. There are three restaurants where you can order food, either the beach shack to fill your lunch needs or a fancier dinner for a date night with your special someone. The Potato Head Bistro, the Lilin or the Tapping Shoes are your three options here for the food.

If you would like a night out and experience the beach club vibe/bars, there’s no better way then to have your own driver taking you around and not having to worry about finding a taxi (which costs more) or back to your accommodation.

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Bar in Bali

2. A cup of Coffee at Revolver

This is a location we highly recommend to the coffee lovers out there! This is where both locals and tourists alike will come to sip on the best cup of Joe in Seminyak.

Walking to the Revolver might feel like you are walking to an underground operation at the end of an alleyway but the coffee is worth the walk.

There is a huge range of coffee that is based on local beans as well as international options. The whole establishment is based on an old school salon that you would have walked into in the “Wild West” days but the character of the coffee shop and the owner coincide perfectly.

If you are looking for a cup of coffee to blow your mind and get you going for your day, this is the place we would recommend.

3. Scuba Diving

Bali specifically and Indonesia as a country is known for some of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Since the coral reefs here are either pristine or in the process of being rebuilt through conservation programs to bring more marine wildlife back to these waters, you won’t be disappointed.

Now there are no dive locations off the coast of Seminyak but there are lots of dive shops that can take you to some of the greatest dive locations around Bali. If you are a diver or even if you want to try diving for the first time, these waters have a lot to give in scenery and experience.

Divers from around the world travel to Bali to dive into these waters because of the pristine clarity of the water and the vast amounts of marine life that are coming back to the seas around Bali.

4. Horseback Riding

If you are looking for the perfect romantic experience in Seminyak, this is it! You can arrange to go horseback riding along the beach from Seminyak to Canggu (two hours round trip) while you watch the sunset along the beach with the perfectly painted skies reflecting off of the amazingly clear waters.

This doesn’t have to be just a romantic getaway either, this is an activity that can be enjoyed by families traveling with children too!

5. Visit Pura Petitenget

One of the six sea temples of Bali is located in Seminyak. This temple is called Pura Petitenget. The temples line the coast from Pura Luhur Uluwatu stretch to the most famous temple in Bali which is Pura Tanah Lot on the west of the island.

Petitenget means ‘magic box’ and this is a reference to a magic box owned by a priest called Nirartha who would have lived around the 16th century.

The temple is named after the magic box as the priest used to regularly visit the temple. This temple is centuries old and it’s one of the best temples near the resort area of Seminyak.

The red bricks and sandstone make up most of the temple’s architecture, giving it an antique feel. Walking up the dragon staircase is the temple’s vast courtyard, where there are a dozen different shrines and pavilions draped in beautiful Balinese clothes.

6. Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta is one of the more popular locations in Seminyak. What helps draw a crowd, especially at night, is the conveniently located beach bar that serves well into the night.

Here you can find amazing drinks, a nightly DJ playing and a view that can’t be bought! If you are traveling to Bali solo or are wanting a taste of the nightlife, then this is the perfect place for you to plan an evening.

7. Do Yoga at Seminyak Yoga Shala

All around Bali you will see TONS of yoga retreat locations, resorts, encampments, etc.

Well, Seminyak is not exempt from that rule. A little newer on the yoga circuit in Bali is Yoga Shala, here you can buy a day pass if you want to try more of the yoga studios.

Or you can buy a week-long pass/course if you are going to be visiting for a while and need a good place to get your morning yoga before leaving for your daily adventures.

8. Seminyak Night Market

Night markets are the best! Seminyak has an amazing night market and is better known for the night markets in Bali.

The small shops are filled with super inexpensive souvenirs, and great food stalls and the music along the road is amazing!

Definitely, a place to take your bargaining card out of your back pocket.

9. Hang Out at Bali Joe Bar

This is an amazing location if you are looking for some amazing nightlife. Also, one of the newer locations for LGBT on the island!

Bali Joe Bar keeps the party going till the wee hours of the morning so you never have to worry about missing out on the party.

10. Wine Tasting at Vin+Seminyak

Taste world premier wines at the towering bamboo enclave of Vin+Seminyak. The labels have all been handpicked to help you look past the stigma of Tuscany.

There are over 18,000 bottles housed in this restaurant with over 250 varieties. The ambience of the restaurant was designed to be all-around wine, even the design of the building was to look like a wine barrel.

This is an amazing place to plan for a special date, especially when you look at the exchange rate, a fancy dinner here would cost $23 USD!

11. Horror-Themed Frankenstein’s Laboratory

Take a ride on the wild side! Frankenstein’s Laboratory sits in the heart of Seminyak and is an iconic location for unusual ‘freak shows’ with a one-of-a-kind horror theme.

This restaurant focuses on all things spooky, such as zombie face paintings and cocktails served in IV bags, the building is designed with telecoils and the entire building looks like a horror laboratory.

The place hosts five cabaret shows every night. Frankenstein’s Laboratory serves more western-style foods, so you are able to snack on some foods while you enjoy the ambience.

The success of this amazing bar owes its success to a unique theme.

The Frankenstein’s Laboratory has gained immense popularity and remains booked several days in advance which means that if you want to hang out here, make your reservation before you arrive.

12. Dream Museum Zone

This is the greatest thing you HAVE to experience while you are in Bali. Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali is an interactive art gallery featuring a huge gallery that has been recreated in 3D, life-size murals for visitors to pose and play with.

One of the features of the gallery is the 3-dimensional photography, which you shouldn’t miss. There are a total of 120 unique artworks in 14 categories spread over three levels, which provides an amazing full day of discovery and creativity.

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13. La Plancha

Nuzzled in the heart of the Balinese scenery this is where the jungle meets the ocean. Opened in 2010, this is the original Chiringuito-styled restaurant and bar in Seminyak.

The brightly colored takeover of the beach takes a vintage-inspired structure which was designed to bring something different to Bali.

La Plancha is the perfect place to spend the day and hang out long into the night as the umbrellas light up as you watch the sunset from your beanbag.

14. Da Maria Bali

Da Maria offers a variety of Italian cuisines. At night the party takes over with disco lighting and live DJs.

This is a trendy Italian restaurant along the main strip of Seminyak which is known to be the hot spot if you are wanting to get your disco on.  

15. Waterbom Bali

Spend the day at Waterbom Bali with the family for a full wet day through numerous waterslides, rides and playful games.

This is an island’s premier water park sitting across the road from the Discovery Kartika Plaza and Shopping Mall.

This stable of Seminyak has grown to now feature 17 slides and water games for all ages.

The park doesn’t just slide, there are tropical gardens and pools, as well as a host of dining and leisure facilities.

Waterbom Bali was designed with you and your family in mind, to keep everyone occupied for a whole day!

The services and facilities are top of their class, making it a must-do highlight for families while in Bali.

16. Bali Beach Shack

The Bali Beach Shack is an Aussie, family-owned restaurant and bar where you can find amazing foods and mixed drinks.

Not only can you find amazing things to eat here but this is also the place where you can find the only drag cabaret show in Seminyak!

Six times a week you can enjoy the best drag show and live music on the beach. Located near many of the hotels and other amenities.

If you’re in the area and looking for somewhere that’s great for dinner or just a drink (or ten) with live entertainment, then BBS is the place for you.

17. Fire Show Nirvana Burger Bar

Ready to have your mind blown?

Not only do they serve amazing drinks and extravagant burgers, but this is the only place in Seminyak that puts on a nightly fire show that ends with a bang!

Did you want to have a few sparks in your drink? Well at the end of the show you will see sparks flying down the bar.

18. Seminyak Beach

At Seminyak Beach, you will find fashion stores lining Seminyak’s streets. You can also find some of Bali’s top dining spots where international chefs cook up world-class cuisine.

However, after sunset, a livelier nightlife scene takes over. There are some amazing hotspots in Seminyak, all gathering an international following.

These include chic hotels such as the W Retreat & Spa. Or, more premier dining and entertainment venues such as Ku De Ta and the Potato Head Beach Club.

19. Nyaman Gallery

If you like art and art galleries then you should visit the Nyaman Gallery. This gallery represents work from International Artists as well as emerging Indonesian Artists. 

You will be able to see the work of artists like Quint, Yokii, Stephan Kotas, Bunny Bones and many more. 

This gallery has a collection of Breeds, Wood, Stone, Bones, and Metal with an ancient and modern vibe. 

Address: Jalan Basangkasa No.88, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Google Map:


20. Motel Mexicola

If you enjoy Mexican music, food and drinks, make sure to visit Motel Mexicola. It is a colorful and vibrant Mexican Restaurant and Bars in the streets of Seminyak.

Our experience at Mexicola was great, enjoying the Mexican theme atmosphere. We had some tacos, tequila, and cocktails which were just perfect. 

If you dare to dance on the stage then you will be able to join a group of people who loves to dance.

There are a courtyard area and an indoor area where you will be able to enjoy food and drinks however make sure that you check out the upstairs area and take plenty of photos for your Instagram profile. 

Tip: Make sure that you book a table in advance, as we had to wait for an hour to get a table. 

Opening Hours: 11:00 am  – 01:00 am 

Address: Jalan Kayujati 9X, Petitenget, Seminyak 

Google Map:


Phone: +62 (0) 361 736 688

Email: [email protected]

21. Nook Bali

Nook, Kerobokan Kelod is located in Seminyak. This was one of our most memorable experiences in Seminyak.

We didn’t have much time in Seminyak as we only stayed in the area for 2 nights but so glad we found this place.

This is a highly recommended place to visit and a place not to be missed! It is not centrally located in Seminyak but it is easy to get to.

Everyone knows about Nook and where it is so there will be no trouble getting there.

The interior is beautifully styled in woody bohemian decor that has a great ambience.

As you walk in, it will take your breath away, the restaurant opens up to a rice paddy surrounded by greenery.

The menu has a great selection of Balinese, Indonesian and western cuisines at a reasonable price. The food is freshly cooked and delicious, they open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The staff here are very friendly.

There is also a home-ware shop inside Nook where you can buy beautiful stylish decorative items.

I did spend some time here, wanting to buy so many things but unfortunately could not as luggage space was not on my side.

Nook does get busy so it’s better you do come early and grab a table.

People surely take their time here, you can just sit, relax, and eat amazing food while enjoying the view.

Opening hours: 8:00 am – 11:00pm

Address: Jalan Umalas 1, Kerobokan Kelad

Google Map:,115.1589861,17z/


Phone: +62 361 8475625

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We believe that whatever it is that you decide to do while visiting Seminyak.

We know that you will have an amazing time! This location is amazing if you are wanting to relax with massages on the beach, drink and enjoying the nightlife or enjoy the world-renowned surfing location.

If you are a shopping bug, Seminyak is where you need to be, either between the boutique shopping stores or the more retail areas, you won’t be disappointed when you head out for a fun-filled day.

All you need is someone to drive you around and there’s no better way than hiring your own private driver with a car.

The Seminyak Square, The Flea Market, Nacivet Art Gallery, and Seminyak Village are all amazing options if you want to get your shopping on!

Also, another activity that we always recommend people to do while they are out and about while are traveling is to take a cooking class.

In Seminyak there are several options for cooking classes; Nia Bali Seminyak Cooking Class, Bali Kuta Cooking Class, Bali Safari Marine Park, and Jimbaran Dinner Day Tour.

All of these options are great experiences to learn about the cultures of Bali and how those are expressed through food.

If you were to do one thing in Seminyak, enjoy a cold drink while watching the sunset. I know, it sounds like this is the most obvious thing to do but bear with us.

You are on an island, sit on the beach and enjoy it!

This is an activity that can be done solo, a romantic night with a loved one or a great way to watch the last light of your family’s amazing fun day as it dips below the horizon.

What are some of your recommendations for things to do in Seminyak? Please comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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