Renting a scooter in Bali

If you are planning to rent a scooter in Bali then this article will help you.

Like any other place you may have travelled in the past, the way people ride or drive is different. Balinese have their own way to ride a scooter or drive a car as well.

If you use Instagram, you may have seen people riding their scooters in Bali. Some of them may not even have helmets when riding.

However, it is not always that glorious. You need to be careful about riding a scooter in Bali.

Let’s go through some of the things you need to know before renting a scooter in Bali. 

scooter in bali

Should I rent a scooter in Bali?

If you are thinking to rent a scooter in Bali, then you need to ask yourself why? Is it the thrill or the experience or you just want a cheap option to travel in Bal?

If it is for the thrill, then you have to make sure that you are confident to ride a scooter in Bali.

The road rules are different and the way people ride or drive is different. If you the roads are not busy where you are staying, then it will be a bit safer to chase the thrill.

If it is for the experience then Bali may not be the best place for it. You may want to experience riding a scooter on a safer road.

Again, if you are staying in a quiet place and it is not a touristy area like Kuta, Seminyak then it may be better for you to experience the scooter ride.

If you think that hiring a scooter will be a cheap option then you will be surprised how cheap other options are in Bali.

A safer option would be to hire a scooter with a rider or a private driver.

If you are a couple or you are in a group then you may want to consider to hire a private driver in Bali.

You may find that a private driver will not be too expensive especially if you are splitting the bill. It will be much safer to hire a private driver in Bali.

If you don’t mind public transportation, then it will be the cheapest way to travel. It may also be a safer option then riding a scooter especially if you are not an experienced rider.

What is the minimum age to ride a scooter in Bali?

The minimum age to ride in Bali is 17 years old. You should also get your International Driver’s License with the motorbike section stamped before riding in Bali.

If you have a different minimum age in your country to get an IDP then you need to meet your country’s age requirements.

Is it hard to ride a scooter in Bali?

If you are an experienced rider, then it should not be too difficult for you to ride a scooter in Bali.

However, you must understand that Balinese have their own way to drive or ride on the road. There are rules however not everyone will follow the traffic rules.

So, if you are not an experienced or a confident rider then a better way to travel in Bali is to hire a private driver.

Where can you rent a scooter or motorbike in Bali? 

You will be able to see plenty in tourist areas like Kuta and Seminyak where they rent out the scooters and motorbikes.  

You can also ask your hotel if they can book a scooter or a motorbike for you. Most good hotels will provide the service. If they can’t, then they will guide you where you can find a place which can rent you one.

renting a scooter in bali

Are you an experienced rider?

Are you planning to learn how to ride a scooter in Bali before you hire a scooter?

If you are then, you should rethink your plan. You will find that the locals ride their scooters and drive their cars a bit different from where you are from.

They are quick to change lanes and change a few lanes within a few seconds. You may find cars and scooters overtaking you when you least expect them.

Hence, if you are thinking of learning scooter in Bali or if you have any doubts about your ability to ride a scooter then I suggest you should think it through twice. 

A safer option would be to hire a driver in Bali. You will pay a bit more but at least you will be much safer.

Do you have an International Drivers Permit? 

If you are planning to hire a scooter in Bali then you should get an International Drivers Permit (IDP) before arriving in Bali.

IDP will help you in situations if you have an accident. Your insurance may ask you if you have IDP. 

Also, if you get pulled over by police then they may not hassle you.

However, if you have IDP then you may not have to pay fines.

Each country has certain criteria and cost for IDP.  If you like to apply for an international driver’s license in Bali, then this government article will help you.

Australia – you can use websites like Service NSW, NRMA, RACV, AAA to get your IDP. You can apply online and it will cost around AUD $42. It will take around a week to get your IDP. 

New Zealand – you can apply for an IDP online here. It will cost you NZD $38 plus delivery charges.

Singapore – You can apply online here. It will cost you SGD $20.

United States – You will need to apply for your IDP in person or by mail. You can find information here. It will cost you USD $20.

United Kingdom – You will need to apply for your IDP in person at a post office. It will cost £5.50.

What to do if the police pull you over when riding a scooter?

First of all, do not panic. If you haven’t been in an accident then chances are they may ask you a few questions. They may also ask to check your license.

If they ask for your license, then just show them your International Driver’s Permit or license. 

Bali does have corruption. Don’t be surprised if a law enforcement officer may ask you for some bribe/compensation even you haven’t done anything wrong.

You can ask to speak to a supervisor which may work and they may let you go.

However, if you feel like it is easy to pay a fine or bribe then do so and move on especially if you have done something wrong. 

Can I rent a scooter in Bali without a license?

You can rent a scooter without a license. The place or person may ask for some form of ID, so if you have a passport that will do.

However, I do not recommend that you hire a scooter in Bali with a license. You do not want to be in a situation when the police catch you riding without a license.

What if you get caught riding a scooter or a motorbike without a license?

First of all, I do not recommend that you take any risks in Bali. If you don’t have a license then do not ride in Bali. 

However, if you are pulled over and you don’t have a license then you need to listen to the police.

Depending on the what kind of police pulls you over, if they may just be looking for some bribe from you.

In most cases, they will just ask to pay a “fine” and they will ask you to pay USD $20-$30 and let you go.

You should just pay and move on.

However, if you can ask them to give you a ticket. That may throw them off a bit as they usually don’t provide a ticket if they are taking a bribe.

They may be able to negotiate the bribe a little bit if they don’t want to give you a ticket. 

Get travel insurance before you travel

When you are travelling overseas you should always get travel insurance. There are many situations where good travel insurance will help you.

You may decide to hire a scooter and you have an accident, good health insurance may cover the cost of the hospital. 

When choosing good insurance, make sure that they are available 24 x 7 so you can call them when you need them. 

Safety first

If you are hiring a scooter in Bali, then make sure to hire good helmets as well. Make sure the helmet are thick and of good quality that fits you well. 

There are accidents every day and no matter where you are riding, helmets really save lives. You may recover from body injury but a head injury will be much more lethal and you may not survive from the accident. 

Never drink before you ride

When you are travelling, we like to have a few drinks. However, you need to be extra careful when you are in Bali not to drink and ride. 

If you end up in an accident, you will be at fault. You do not want to be in a situation in Bali that you get caught drink riding. Laws are strict and you may end up in jail.

Otherwise, you may have to fork out a lot of money whether you are at fault or not. 

Always keep your eyes on the road

Needless to say, you should be careful about riding anywhere in the world. However, you need to make sure you understand the traffic rules of Bali before you rent a scooter in Bali. 

You will find that even though there are traffic rules in Bali, not everyone will follow those rules. You need to watch out for traffic from every direction all the time. People may cross the road unexpectedly or a vehicle may change lanes without warning. 

Make sure you keep your eyes on the road all the time. If you are tired, then you should take and do not risk riding. Instead, stop and enjoy the scenery that Bali has to offer.

Riding a scooter in Bali

Avoid accidents at all cost

It is easy to say but you need to avoid any accidents at all cost in Bali. Whether the accident is your fault or not, if you have an accident with a local with then most likely the local law will favour the locals.

You have a disadvantage that you are in their country and you may not speak the language as they can. Local authorities may listen to the locals more then they will listen to a foreigner.

So, if you are not confident or have any doubts to ride, then you should not ride.

Instead, you should hire a private driver in Bali who speaks the local language and can deal with any situation they are in. 

Check the condition of the scooter

You must check the condition of the scooter before you rent ta scooter.

One of the first thing to check if how old is the scooter, when it was manufactured.

Do check to see how well maintained is the scooter. You should check for any damages and scratches on the scooter. If you see any damages, you should flag them immediately before hiring the scooter.

You should make sure the scooter you hire is up to standard and it is safe to ride.

Before you rent the scooter, ask to let you do a quick test ride before you hire the scooter. That way you can test brakes, indicators, movement of the scooter before you rent the scooter. 

hiring a scooter in bali

How much does it cost to rent a scooter in Bali? 

You can hire a few different types of scooters in Bali. The cost will vary depending on the scooter and its engine size. 

You will find a basic scooter with 125cc for IDR 30,000 – 50,000 per day which is around USD $2-$5 per day. These are basic scooters.

If you are planning for a long drive or if there are two people, then you should hire a better scooter. 

For an experienced rider, 155cc scooter will be a better fit which has a bit more power to carry two people.

It will cost you a maximum of IDR 150,000 per day which is around USD $15. This is the most expensive option however you will be much more comfortable on these scooters. 

Is fuel expensive in Bali?

Fuel is pretty cheap in Bali so riding a scooter will be economical. You will find places that sell in tourist areas that sell fuel for IDR 7000 which is around USD $0.70 cents for a 1-litre bottle.

If you find a fuel station then you should fill the tank in the fuel station as they will be a bit cheaper.

Rent a scooter with an insurance

You should check if the scooter or your bike comes with insurance. If you have to pay a little more for insurance, you should do that.

This will give you peace of mind, you do not want to be in a situation where you are at fault and you have to pay to repair the scooter or pay for a scooter in case it is a write-off.

Check for contract carefully

You should go through the contract carefully before you hire a scooter. Do double-check the price and terms before signing the contract.

You should check the condition of the scooter and write down any scratches or damages in the contract.

You should also take photos or videos of the scooter for any damages so there are no issues when you return the scooter or motorbike. 

Return the scooter without paying any extra amount

If you have had no accident or there were no issues with the scooter you hired then you should not pay any extra.

When you return the scooter and someone asks you to pay extra, may sure that you show them the contract price.

If they say that they can see scratches, then you can show them the videos and pictures you had captured before you rented the scooter.

That way you will make sure that you do not pay any extra when you return the scooter and get all your deposit back.

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Bali is such a beautiful place to visit which has so much to offer for everyone.

We hope this article helped you what you need to know before renting a scooter in Bali.

If you are not a confident rider or you want to have a few drinks on your trip then do not hire a scooter in Bali.

If you want to enjoy your trip, have a few drinks and do not want to take any risk when travelling in Bali then you should hire a private driver in Bali.

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