Best Things To Do In The Hunter Valley For Drinkers And Non-Drinkers ([year] Guide)

Are you planning a trip to the Hunter Valley?
If your answer is yes, you came to the right place as we have created a great list of things to do in Hunter Valley for drinkers and non-drinkers.
Located in South Wales, the Hunter Valley region is associated with historic estates, boutique hotels, lush vineyards, and endless wine cellars. And, of course, the Hunter region is a paradise for wine lovers.

How To Travel From Sydney To Hunter Valley – [year] Complete Guide

Hunter Valley known as the wine country in New South Wales is located about 2 hours north of Sydney. Hunter Valley is known for its wine region which is among the best in Australia that are also winning awards for their world-famous wines. 

The wine region that was discovered by John Shortland in the 1800s is surrounded by natural beauty along with its famous vineyards. Not only is Hunter Valley known for its wine but also their fresh local produce, award-winning Chef Hat restaurants, cheese and chocolate factory and luxurious accommodation.

So, if you are travelling from Sydney or heading back from Newcastle and have time to spend in the Hunter Valley then stop and enjoy wine tasting at some of the best wineries you will find in the Hunter Valley.