Things To Do In Fiji With A Family With Kids

Looking for things to do in Fiji with a family with kids, then this article will help you. Please keep reading.

If you are like many parents, you might be hesitant to travel with your children. But that is out of the question until they are much older…or even adults. If you are wanting to test the waters on traveling with kids, then go to Fiji!

Not only is Fiji family friendly but they are kid crazy! Whether you have a tiny tot or teenagers, your children will be welcomed in Fiji. This is a culture that values family.

The unofficial mantra of Fiji is that “kids are to be seen and heard at every chance available.” The local culture doesn’t understand shyness, the children you meet while in Fiji will instantly run off and play with your kids, while the adults of the village will invite you and your family into the village and their families.

You should pay attention to when you are booking your hotel in Fiji. The higher-end resorts are designed more for adults traveling alone or on a romantic getaway, so they discourage children from staying in the resort.

Speaking from experience we stayed at a rather high-end resort on Denarau with babysitting services and kids club available for you and your loved one wanting a day night. Multiple playground areas, a menu designed for ages 5 and younger, and even a crib free of charge for your room are all featured in the resort.

There is never a lack of fun-filled activities for kids around Fiji! Even on a rainy day, there are still local activities that you can partake in, like weaving, drum classes, and painting coconuts. All of these things can be found at your resort.

Fiji beaches are always an option for something to do for your little ones. There are countless beaches you can visit while in Fiji and most of them are family-friendly and relatively safe to be out splashing around in the water.

If your kids are like mine, then you know how valuable it is to have a nice safe beach area for your kids to burn out all their energy (makes nap time all the better).

Do keep an eye out on the kids and supervision is a must when children are in and around the water. Never leave your child alone in the water!

There are a few things that you should always keep in your backpack whether you are traveling with kids or not. These are Sunscreen, Sunhat, Insect Repellent, Rain Gear or Umbrella, and Light jacket for evening.

If you are traveling with babies or toddlers (like me on my trip) think about getting the lightweight fold-up stroller but I would recommend having a baby carrier especially if you are able to manage around your vacation.

It will make your life much easier in the long run but do make sure to keep your little one cool and hydrated as the temperature can get very hot. Two bodies pressed against one another in tropical weather…yeah that will get sweaty quickly.

1. Arts Village – Pacific Harbour

This is like the Fiji version of Disneyland but Fiji style! There is a temple, a cooking area, and a weaving hut. The actors are all dressed in traditional clothes just like Disneyland has characters in costumes.

Kids are able to see mock battles, preachers teaching about the evil ways of cannibalism and how the villagers should convert their ways, and demonstrations of traditional art.

If you want to get a breather from your kids (older children) there is a canoe tour, island temple tour and Arts Village show that your kids can partake in.

Don’t worry they also have a location where you can sit down and get some food and even a few souvenirs as well while you are here. Depending on your kid’s attention span you could spend two hours or a full day here wandering about.

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2. Colo-i-Suva Forest Park – Suva

This forest park is a 2.5-sq-km oasis of green lush rainforest bursting with plant life and massive amounts of wild bird. There are a ton of nature trails that kids and families of all sizes and ages can enjoy. Trails that lead you to beautiful pools, so bring your bathing suit!

Believe it or not, this park is surrounded by Suva’s urban hub risen above all the noise by 180m. You will see posters all over Suva about the Wasilla Creek.

This creek’s bed has become so water-worn that it makes a natural slide that leads you into a beautiful refreshing pool and swimming holes! This is still a forest so plan ahead and pack lunch for you and your family.

We went here with no expectations and it was beautiful, the walk from the first waterhole to the last waterhole with the swing was probably 40 minutes but it took us longer because we stopped off and swam at each one.

There were probably about 6 or more waterholes to swim at. The last one was definitely the most fun because it had a swing that you can swing off into the water. Locals were very friendly and let us have a go on the rope many times.

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3. Blue Lagoon – Nanuya Lailai

This is it, parents! Blue Lagoon is the MOST famous beach of the Yasawas’ islands and its one of the Best Things to do in Fiji. This is a full family fun location.

You can snorkel, swim, paddleboard, scuba dive – whatever your water interest is. This beach will have it! Snorkeling in the crystal blue water with corals and marine life is definitely one not to be missed.

One place I would highly recommend is the Sawa-I-Lau Caves. When you approach the cave the coastal views of Nacula are dramatic! The main cave/ pool is quite large and one end of it is opened allowing a good amount of skylight.

I believe it is some 5-7 meters deep so it is good fun to dive. There are resting spots to sit and rest while taking in the surrounding beauty of the cave.

The cave has a very high ceiling. The torchlight makes beautiful colours to dance on the walls and the echo is strong when you shout BULA! The dive back to the main cave is beautiful with daylight and light blue water leading your way.

When you are all done playing in the water you should stop and get some food. One place you must visit for lunch is Lo’s Tea Shop. The food is inexpensive and delicious!

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4. Viseisei Village & Vuda Point – First Landing (near Nadi)

According to the local folktale, Viseisei village is the oldest settlement in Fiji. The Mataqali family are descendants of the first ocean-going Melanesians who landed here around 1500AD. Fiji’s first Methodist missionary also landed here in 1835.

Living in these villages is not like living in Fiji Resorts. There is a tiny craft market here but this is one of the most genuine markets you’ll find around Fiji. The only catch is that you have to pay the ladies to walk around the market, $10 Fijian Dollar it is totally worth it.

The prices are better than you will find in most places and the ladies are fun and hospitable while you are shopping.

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5. Visit the Gardens of the Sleeping Giant

This peaceful, shady orchid garden is an easy day tour with kids from Denarau. The kids will find plenty of space to run around and the beautiful scenery is a tranquil environment to lie in a hammock and relax on a hot day.

Have a wander along the boardwalks through the rainforest. Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a nice place to visit, even in the heat and humidity. There are many hanging orchids with lots of tropical plants all along meandering pathways throughout the forest.

There is whimsical clearing about halfway through where you can swing on a giant swing. In the end, your hosts treat you to a nice cool tropical drink. Bring a camera and wear comfortable shoes. Plan on spending 1-2 hours here.

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6. Take School Supplies to a Local Village

Many of the resorts around Fiji sponsor at least one local school and guests are encouraged to bring stationery or books from home to donate in person. This is greatly appreciated and the school is likely to have an assembly for the donations to be presented in front of all the students and teachers.

When you see how basic their facilities are, you will know that you’ve done something really worthwhile for kids. Many children don’t have shoes, and they play netball and rugby with balls made from screwed up newspaper.

You’d never be able to tell when you see the faces of the students. They are joyful and excited just to have you visit. You will feel so welcome and they will love to talk to you.

Not such a bad thing for our privileged kids to be exposed to – even for my little one it helped give her perspective to how much she has in comparison to these kids.

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7. Big Bula Water Park

If you are looking for Things to do in Fiji with Families then Big Bula Water Park is for you. Book through your hotel (if you are in Nadi) and the Bula bus will pick you up and drop you at the water park (if you are staying on Denarau).

There are water slides, surfing areas, obstacle courses and climbing walls at this water park. There is also a gated area for younger kids. When we finished for the day, we hopped on the Bula bus and went down to the Denarau Port to get dinner.

Another option is to go right up the road to the golf course where you will find really good food. It is also the cheapest food on the island. The staff were FABULOUS, so friendly and helpful.

The place is packed with fun, so many rides that really get your heart racing! The food was good, there’s plenty of seating, massages, hair braiding and caters for all ages. We stayed the entire day. Highly recommend this place if you’re looking for fun, quality time with the family!

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8. Tavoro Waterfalls – Taveuni Island

Want to experience a postcard-perfect moment in Fiji? Take the hike to Tavoro, and then swim in the falls! This is especially good if your kids are tweens and teens.

The views are simply amazing. This place is magical. People of ANY physical ability level can get to the main waterfall, which is truly the best one.

Try to get to the second waterfall, it is a little more difficult. One tip before you go – GO WITH A GUIDE if you plan to go past the first waterfall. Either way, don’t miss this spectacular sight!!

For more information on Taveuni, please see this link.

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9. Kula Wild Adventure Park – Sigatoka

If you are looking for fun things to do in Fiji then Kula Wild Adventure Park is for you. We had so much fun at the Kula wild park that we ended up revisiting it the next day, Best zip lining!

Not only is there the fun activities side of things and the most serene rainforest walks, there are lots of wildlife to see including the iguanas and Kula birds, also turtles, and the aquarium with so much to see and do. This place is not just for the little kids but fun for all ages.

Kids get to handle some snakes, feed the baby turtles, and see lots of other cool animals. Then cool off and enjoy a drink and play in the little water park.

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10. Robinson Crusoe Island

A spectacular secluded Fiji Beach Resort with very affordable Fiji Island Accommodation. Truly a paradise, complete with an incredible assortment of free activities for you to enjoy.

You will get to experience, Fijian fire and knife shows, watch the basket being made and try some kava and Fijian feast.

So much to do! You don’t want to forget the majestic beauty of the ocean, so hit the water with free snorkeling and sea kayaking, take a jet ski tour, or head for the exciting water park. You can try your hand skills and make some coconut jewellery with the local or try cast out fishnets to see what you can catch.

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11. Malamala Beach Club

Did you know Malamala Beach Club is world’s first beach club located on its very own island?  If you are staying in Nadi you will see billboards for this beach club. This island isn’t very far away, only a 25-minute boat ride from Port Denarau.

I experienced this beach club on a day pass, I didn’t want to spend the day at our resort but still wanted to do something around Fiji. It was totally worth the cost of the day pass.

The kids got to run around the beautiful white sand beaches, splashing in the pool, beachside cabanas, an infinity-edge pool which was so much fun for the babies in our group, and amazing ocean views from Fiji’s best-located island.

There is food available, either a full menu or a tapas-like menu with small dishes if you just need something to nibble on. I would highly recommend spending a day at Malamala Beach Club – you won’t regret it.

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12. Coral Coast Railway – Sigatoka

CHOO CHOO! This is a great way to take a ride along the beautiful coastline railway track that winds through beautiful green forests and even makes a stop at the famous Muka Caves.

My husband kept singing the Indiana Jones theme song, it really does feel like you are able to take a trip back in time while riding the train.

Heads up and a little tip – don’t stick your head or hands out of the windows or the shrubs or tree branches slap you on your faces! The station master tells everyone to buy packets of lollipops to throw through windows as the train passes villages.

But after spending some time in Fiji and seeing the lack of teeth in a lot of the children and adults I would encourage people to bring clothes or school supplies instead.

Great scenery along the way, I really enjoyed the stopping at the school and spending time with the kids. Also, make sure you have insect repellent. You’ll need it!

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There are endless things to do with kids in Fiji – so if this is a trip you are wanting to take and you’ve got kids, DO IT!  Fiji is great for kids of all ages, toddlers to teenagers.

The people of Fiji will treat you and your family with honor and great respect. You will have such a good time and you will come home with lots of stories to tell for years to come.

We hope this article will help you plan your holiday with Kids in Fiji. We would love to hear about your suggestions and stories, please comment below.

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