Best Palm Readers In Bali

Bali is known as a powerhouse for all things spiritual. Palm reading or palmistry is one of its curious offerings.

When you visit the country, you will find that palm reading is a mysterious art that is widely embraced by locals and tourists alike.

The best palm reader in Bali is able to help you recall past events, get a perspective of the future, and everything else in between.

Best Palm Reader in Bali

Best Palmer Readers in Bali

  1. Ibu Jero – this unique lady is a Balinese high priestess. She descends from five generations of healers and is known to relieve you of any emotional baggage. Through a session, she can determine your past hurts and then skilfully guide you to let go and release all the bad energy.
  1. Agus Sihman – is someone you will recognize at a glance. He has extremely long fingernails, curling and twisting to the tip. His skill in palm reading is next to none. You will be in his colorful home during the session. He will read your hand and provide you with all that he finds while also asking questions. After such, he will proceed to ask you pressing questions that will help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your future endeavors.
  1. Pak Sirkus – known as Bali’s Magic Man, Pak Sirkus has several miracles under his belt. He has healed broken bones and dealt with extreme pain. His method involves a stick in locating physical problems. Once problems are identified, he will then proceed to heal through massage and stretches.
  1. Tunjung – completely known as Tunjung Crystal Mandala. She is a gifted Balinese woman born with psychic and healing abilities. Throughout the years, she has gained a lot of unique talents not limited to Pranic Healing, Medical Intuition, Psychic Surgery, Cranio Sacral Therapy, and Chakra Balancing. What makes her stand out is her undoubted connection to the Divine, giving the immeasurable wisdom that she skilfully provides for anyone who seeks her help.

How to find a palm reader in Bali?

The easiest way is to have a travel organizer or agency do the booking for you. It will be added cost, but definitely less hassle.

If you feel like going rogue, it’s easy enough to come across suggestions if you search online. Search in the area you are visiting. Ubud is a popular hub for all things tourists.

You can contact us and we will help you to book a palm reader in Bali.

So what does palm reading tells you?

There are a lot of things that can happen during a palm reading session. Depending on what package you paid for, the ritual can include some self-introspection and cleansing too. As for what information you can get, here are a few ideas.

  • Determine your innate character or get a better self-understanding of your wants and needs
  • Past and existing health conditions or health status and what future events may lead to significant changes in your health
  • Your wealth, this being not limited to money but also other aspects that can be considered your possession
  • Career status and career direction with possible career advice as well
  • Business conditions and possible business opportunities
  • Relationships like romantic partners, marriage health, and important connections
  • Children or relatives, this not being limited to direct descendants but also other degrees of familial relations

What to Know Before Going to a Bali Healer

There is not much to prepare in terms of items or offerings. Palm readers nowadays can be booked in advance through reputable sources.

If your trip to one is arbitrary, it’s good to have about IDR300,000 each for a basic reading session. Prices go up significantly depending on the popularity of the reader and the kind of package you get.

Also, take note that some do not ask for payment – they ask for donations. The minimum value is still around IDR 300,000.

If you did not book an appointment, expect to wait in line like everybody else. Lunchtime apparently is the least busy time for most, but it’s really a guessing game depending on how many tourists and locals decide to get a reading.

Very famous readers usually prefer appointments though. So be sure to do your research in advance.

Our best advice is for you to be open-minded and accept the information given openly. It is up to you how to react to it, but always consider the possibility that some of the advice you will get does not have to dictate your life.

A lot of people have reported life-changing perspectives and it doesn’t mean that if you don’t get one, your experience was a bust. It may be that your revelation will come later as you get back to your daily duties.

What Happens in a Palm Reading Session

Depending on who you go to, there are several experiences or packages you can get. The quickest one takes less than an hour and only involves literally reading your palm.

There are longer packages that offer healing or cleansing. It is more pricey because you will be asked to bathe and cleanse your impurities in a tub filled with flowers.

Some packages differ in price based on the kind and number of flowers to be used and the duration of the cleanse.

A more comprehensive palm reading session involves reading your entire body. You will still be asked to cleanse and then the reader will look over your body.

An experienced reader will be able to give you a good history of many aspects of your life. You will also get an overview of your current condition in terms of health, happiness, wealth, relationships, and many more.

After the reader gets a good overview, you will go into a form of self-retrospection through a candid conversation with the reader about certain life decisions and future intents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eat, Pray, Love Connection?

We are well aware that part of the popularity of palm reading in Bali is due to the film Eat, Pray, Love. However, it does not exist as a novelty.

It is also deep-rooted in Balinese culture providing guidance to individuals for many centuries.

Is Ketut Liyer still alive?

Unfortunately, he has passed away in 2016. And while it is heartbreaking news, it is good to note there are still many noteworthy palm readers in Bali who continue the tradition.

Where in Bali was Eat Pray Love filmed?

Most of the scenes of the movie were shot in Ubud and its surrounding areas. Ubud is a cultural hub of the country. Some of the beach scenes were taken in the south part called Padang Padang – an area in Bukit Peninsula.

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In conclusion, if you are looking for an accurate palm reader, Bali is the place to go.

The palm readers here are experienced and knowledgeable and can give you insights into your future that you may not have thought of before.

So if you’re ever in Bali, be sure to visit one of the many palm readers there, and find out what your future holds.

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