Bali ATV Ride Tour

If you’re up for some fun adventure that features the natural landscapes of Bali, a Bali ATV ride tour is your first choice.

You can test your courage with challenging tracks or book a casual quadbike tour along easy trails around towns. Bali offers many views you can explore from rice paddies, remote jungles, riversides, and even along Balinese villages.

All rides come with an experienced ATV tour guide, so you don’t need to fret about safety at all. Discover natural Bali views on a quad bike.

Bali ATV Ride tour

About the ATV or Quad Bike in Bali

As an overview, ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle – which is very suitable for tours on the outskirts of beautiful Bali. It is usually semi-automatic and comes in either 250cc or 350cc engines.

The latter ones are used for difficult terrains that require a lot of going up and down hills and slopes.

When you rent one, you will come across some riding options.

  1. Single – means you drive the ATV yourself. It literally means you get the entire vehicle. This is best for experienced riders or at least those who already have experience riding a typical motorcycle.
  2. Double/Couple – depending on the bike shop, this term means you will ride with someone else. Of course, this is usually for couples or friends. They rarely force you to ride with someone else unless you don’t know how to drive one and need an experienced companion. If this is the case, it’s best you get the next option.
  3. Tandem – this is basically one passenger who is the tourist and the driver the tour guide. If you want to get the experience without risking any accidents, the safest way is to ride with a tour guide. However, this will entail additional costs since you are paying for your guide separately.

It is also good to note that all tours should come with safety gear. Typical safety gear would be a life jacket, a helmet, and some elbow and knee padding.

Some tours offer this for free while others provide it at an additional cost. This is another consideration you may need in whether you’d like to book with a tour provider or directly with an ATV rental shop.

Nonetheless, it is always crucial to inquire in advance for better options.

Take note of insurance too. Risky adventure tours always require waivers and insurance in case accidental liability ensues.

Shop around for options and see if your tour provider can arrange this for you. Read the fine print carefully and prepare all necessary documents just to make sure your ride goes smoothly no matter what.

What to Expect from the Bali ATV Tour?

The standard length for the actual quadbike tour is 2 hours. That is scheduled in the middle of your tour and is held at a matching location to your preferences.

This length can be shorter or longer depending on your pace. It could be useful for you to choose your tourmates – if that is an option.

This way you can set a common pace with everyone and be able to have better control of your schedule.

A typical quad bike tour goes like this:

  1. Air-conditioned pick-up from your hotel
  2. Drop-off to ATV ride starting point
  3. A quick safety seminar and tour orientation – including wearing safety gear
  4. The first half of the ride
  5. Lunch or snacks that come with the tour – usually Indonesian delicacy
  6. The second half of the ride
  7. Side tours- if any
  8. Debriefing
  9. Air-conditioned ride to your hotel

Some trails are harder and riskier due to uneven terrain, so they are meant for experienced riders. There are dry and wet tracks too.

You will get safety gear and your guide will have a safety pack prepared too. Casual tours around villages are a great starting point for beginner ATV riders.

Once you get used to using the bike, you can get a more challenging tour if you want.

Side trips are also very common with most ATV tours. For trails that go through remote areas like forests and fields, the side trips are usually scheduled at the end of the ride.

You get to your endpoint and be able to change into clean clothes. If you took the casual town tours, you will possibly stop over town spots that are great for photo ops and shopping.

Picture yourself stopping over some street stalls, flea markets, food carts, and the like.

Why Choose Quad Biking in Bali?

Bali has many things to offer to its tourists. There are arguably dozens of tourist spots and highly-visited areas where you can mingle with people and shop for souvenirs.

The people who choose Bali quad biking are those that want to see the outskirts of Bali – its hidden features.

Away from busy touristy streets, you can ride your own ATV or quad bike exploring forests and rivers. The country also has many picturesque rice fields that will put you in awe.

It is a great way to admire the less-bustling scenery of the place. If you are looking for adventure enough to get your adrenaline pumping, an ATV ride tour is a must.

It’s a challenge every tourist should try. If you haven’t ridden a bike before, this is also the safest way to try since it comes with four wheels.

Made for traversing rough terrain, you can experience motorbiking hills and slopes safely but thrillingly.

How much does ATV tour cost in Bali?

You can expect to pay below:

Single ATV Ride – $66/Person
Tandem ATV Ride – $ 79/Person

The Best places for ATV Quad biking in Bali


The most popular area for quad bike tours in Bali. It has all types of sceneries and trails. You can visit a safari park, go around a wide rice paddy, go up and down dense forests, and even through a gorilla-faced tunnel.

Most tours come with side trips to places like a coffee plantation, chocolate factory, and even a traditional Balinese house.

The gorilla tunnel is part of a monkey sanctuary park that allows you to interact with different types of monkeys.


Not far from here is the popular ATV tour to Yeh Gangga. It is a mid-difficulty tour and is good for those who have already ridden an ATV before. The actual trail is a beautiful forest landscape full of small hills and lakes.

The Haunted Valley which is adjacent to the area offers a wonderful view of a natural waterfall and surrounding plantations.

Seminyak is also known for its beautiful beaches – another route option for your ATV tour. If you are trying to get some good by the beach quadbike prenup shots, this is the place to go.

Nusa Dua

This place also boasts very nice jungle trails that are okay for beginners and experienced riders. It is a popular choice for tourists who want to ride toward popular tourist areas like Tanah Lot – a Hindu temple on a rock by the sea.

It has many good photo spots for a quick photo op while you’re on your tour. Another side trip would be to the Gate of Heaven in Lempuyang.

Another very popular area for its cultural value and breathtaking views.


Canggu is a less-busy town on the outskirts of Bali. It is known for rice paddy trails and forests, with lots of caves and water formations.

The place is very laid back so you can go ATV riding around town to visit some hipster cafes and small shops. You also get a tour of traditional Balinese households – if that’s something you like to do.

The other side of Canggu is its busy beach area – where most of the fun is at. There are many beach bars in town, boasting good local food and drinks enjoyed by tourists all year round.

You will also find a world-class flea market offering lots of merchandise, food and drinks.

What should you pack?

If you booked an ATV tour, you would probably get roundtrip transfers, a guide, and some form of snack or lunch made with local ingredients and techniques.

Thus, the following are what you will need to make your tour comfortable.

  • Driver’s license – it’s a must for identity and because you are driving a motor vehicle. Check with your tour provider for any other paperwork too since you will need to get liability insurance as well.
  • Extra clothes for changing. There are several routes or trails you can go through during your quad bike ride. Depending on the weather and the natural area, you may get wet by running water or splashing with mud. Thus, a change of clothes is necessary. If you chose an easy dry trail, you will need the clothes for when you sweat.
  • Take some sun protection with you like sunscreen, a hat, or a hooded jacket. With the weather typically hot and humid, we suggest just taking a wide-brim hat and some light sunscreen. Some trails take you to sunny open areas. If you are heading out to jungles and forests, it might be useful to bring some insect repellant too.
  • Wear comfy shoes that are okay to get wet. You will possibly go through muddy waters so it’s best to wear the footwear you can wash off after the ride. This way you don’t need to bring an extra pair for normal hiking.

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In conclusion, the Bali ATV Tour is a great way to see the island and get an adrenaline rush at the same time. It is important to book a tour in advance, as they often sell out.

Wearing closed-toe shoes and long pants is a must, as is following the guide’s instructions. For an unforgettable experience, the Bali ATV Tour is the way to go.

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