Bali DIRT BIKE 250 CC (Advance)

Adventurous dirt bike advance tour
Adventure Day Tour

Dirt Bike Tour Bali

Get the thrill and excitement of riding Bali jungle and scenic rice paddies. Ride the exclusive unbeaten rain forest trails over spectacular rice terraces and central Batukaru green mountains.

Adrenaline-rush-inducing performance and effortless handling characteristics, we provide you 250 CC Bike bikes with significantly larger engines to enjoy the sensational Bali hidden treasures and rural Balinese hospitality.

This challenging tour will bring you strolling uphill through the south west of outer Batukaru mountain slope and reserve, over some technical single track as well as fast enduro section before hitting the scenic hidden waterfall.

Price: USD 70/ person

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USD $70
  • Fixed Tours
  • 1-7 people
  • Standard
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