Looking for a place to do paragliding? You should try it in Bali
Adventure Day Tour


Have you ever wanted to fly? Various activities and daily boredom can cause stress. The dream of free flying, watching nature from a distance, enjoying the scenery from different points above, the sensation as if touching the sky, watching the natural light from above, everything is unspeakable and very amazing experience.

All of these unique sensations you can get through paragliding. This extreme sport is also very encouraging adrenaline, very suitable for you who like high challenges.Accompanied by experienced world-class operators, our paragliding is known to be very safe.

We equip your security with complete safety equipment and protect you with life safety insurance. You can get challenges, fun, satisfaction, and of course maximum security in paragliding with us.

Price: USD 60 / person

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USD $60
  • Fixed Tours
  • 1-7 people
  • Standard
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