Bali Artist Village Tour

Full day tour of Artist Village with private driver in Bali
Artist Village full day tour

Tohpati Village Tohpati Village famous for Bali’s Batik Wand Weaving Center, Batik is a traditional from of painting fabric. Is perfect place to stop for have a look the Batik making process and it is very interesting activity in bali especially for people who really wanted to know about culture.

They paint only use dots and lines from wax to decorate the cloth. It is very impressive to watch.

On your first visit to a batik home industry, you will undoubtedly Shopping experience an overwhelming stimulation of the senses – due to the many colors, patterns and the actual smell of batik.

Celuk Village is famous for its silver and gold smiths which are available around this area for very low prices. Is been become the silver village since 1976, located not so far from Ubud Village, the people in this Celuk village is very skillful in designing the silver.

Batuan Village is famous for its traditional paintings that is very different from the other paintings in Bali.

The visitors are crowded enough especially the visitors who want to see the process to make a traditional painting or to buy paintings. The villages in Bali is fundamentally identified as an artistic countryside by focusing in artistic of wood carving. We will visit this village during the Artist Village Tour.

The village is located in Ubud sub district and Gianyar Regency. It owns the typical style of wood carving art by placing forward the distinguish synergy the humanism and naturalism.

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